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Barbara, as you know I already have the DaVinci Table and we just love it.  I am so glad we came on board at the same time the table was available.  It makes selling the beads SO EASY and all our customers are SO IMPRESSED, they can see all the beads at a glance.

Napanee, Ontario

Wow has this year brought a lot of change for both you and for us.  I would like to take just a moment to say Thank You.  You and your product have helped us provide a truly unique store for the Tri City area, and we are excited to be celebrating our second year in business.

Tina & Judy Clelland
Under The Moon Whimsical Giftware
Port Coquitlam, BC

I was given a set of triple scented candles for Christmas - the code is TSC02 - they are the 3 candles and the incense inside the really nice box.  I LOVE them - they burn clean, no soot and they burn almost completely. The scent is amazing and the incense I use sparingly as I like it so much...."
Alison Jones
Marshfield, MA 02050 - USA

"We started with the Lil' Givers and they just blew out of the store so when I re-ordered them I decided to try some of the Noble Prancers too.  When I opened the boxes yesterday, I called my wife over and said,  "Just look at these reindeer, they're really nice!  I think Axicon is a sleeper company!  They have great stuff!!"
Tom Whitehurst
Plum Creek Gifts
Marion, VA

"Axicon is my main giftware supplier.  I love your products and they sell well in my shop.  Your prices are excellent and that is important to my customers.  Exceptional value at exceptional prices.  I also really love your website and I do most of my ordering on line.  Keep it up!  Also, thanks to all your staff.  They are the best!  I really enjoy dealing with your company."
Marianne Cichowski
Awesome Blossoms
Langley, BC

Jenny Furth from Plano, Texas writes of "Woodland Elves and Pixies"; "I am emailing you regarding your Woodland Elves and Pixies. I purchased three of these wonderful items for my mother a year ago and have wanted to obtain the rest of them for her collection. She decorates her lovely garden with them throughout the spring and summer time. During the winter and fall, she brings them inside and we find them peeking out from behind various things in the house. I would gladly buy all of them and want keep to the three that would be duplicates for myself to display in my own garden and house because I too have been wanting them for my own pleasure and imagination."

Paula Thompson from Reno, Nevada writes of "Woodland Elves and Pixies" "Woodland Elves and Pixies have been the delightful hit of the year...customers just love to buy them. The name tags with stories are great...a fun delightful item!"

Sandi from Minnedosa Flower, Minnedosa, Manitoba Canada on "Earth Angels"; "I love, love, love, the angels, I sold 5 angels the day I received them!"

Sabina from Expressions Hair Design, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on "Darling Divas"; "The clock sold instantly!" Sabina called to reorder just 8 days after receiving her original 23 piece order.

Lena from Wing On, Duncan, B.C., Canada on "Darling Divas", "The clock sold right away." Lena had called to reorder just 5 days after receiving her initial order.

Jennifer of the Chow Barn, Victoria, B.C., Canada on Kat Knacks. "I sold most of both prepacks (36 pieces) in two weeks!" Jennifer called in to re-order.

JoAnne of the Cat House, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Kat Knacks. "I've had really good sell through." Jo Anne called to reorder, just one month after her original 32 piece order.

Cheryl, from The Wanderer, Stratford, Ontario, Canada on Burning Desires. "I'm very happy with Burning Desires, I sold out over the weekend!"